Ten facts you don’t know about me

I hope you all had a lovely time seeing in 2018. I thought it’d be nice to kick off my first post of the year with a light, fun blog. Some of you will already be aware of some of these facts but I’m hoping you’ll learn something new! So here are 10 facts you don’t know about me:

  1. I have a great interest in philosophy
  2. My favourite genre of music is grime
  3. I have an intolerance of chocolate, no it’s not the lactose, unfortunately I’m unaware as to what it is that I’m intolerant to and why
  4. I’m left handed
  5. I am a city girl, I’m not comfortable in the countryside at all
  6. I prefer books over films
  7. Two TV series I’m all about at the moment are Power and Peaky Blinders
  8. I need to work on self discipline, I have no self control when it comes to spending
  9. History was my favourite subject in school
  10. I have a life goal to be well travelled

What are 10 facts about you?

Love and light,
Guts, Giggles and More x

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