They say things happen in threes!

I’ve made it a goal to post twice a week this year, every Tuesday and Friday. Apologies, this week I was unable to post on Tuesday as I had a really busy day. My first university exam was on Tuesday and in the week running up to it, I have been extremely tired.

The day of my exam had arrived; I had an 8am start on Tuesday. I’m allowed to work 8-4 on Tuesdays in order to fit uni into my schedule. I already knew it was going to be a long day. To start the day off, I wasn’t feeling my usual self. I’m not sure why because nothing had noticeably changed recently. I was quite nauseous, my body (stomach especially) was weirdly aching and cramping, all I wanted was my bed and to go to sleep. It was just one of those days. I’d purposely worn one of my extra big scarfs to wrap around me just so I could feel have a little bit of comfort.

I got to work and straight away got a drink of hot water and a hot water bottle. My colleague, who also suffers from a long-term condition, wasn’t feeling well either so at least I wasn’t alone. The nausea was still there and I hadn’t had any breakfast. I couldn’t quite face something to eat just yet. Luckily, there wasn’t much for me to do today (I work on social media so my job isn’t overly demanding) and I could take it easy. 2 hours into my shift and my break was due but I didn’t feel like moving anytime soon so I just stayed at my desk. Despite having some bizarre pains, I asked my colleague to get me a slice of cheese on toast as I was starting to feel peckish and I knew if I didn’t eat now I would end up with a migraine, which was the last thing I needed. After having my snack I thought I had best check Squishy as I could feel a build-up.

My instincts proved to be right, I was on the verge of a leak! In the 11 months, I have worked here, this is the second leak I’ve had here. I needed to go before it inevitably turned into an actual leak and soiled my clothes. I stuffed a bung of loo roll on top of the baseplate for a bit of safety and quickly went back into the office, told my manager I urgently needed a work and went into a room. I’m not sure why but when I don’t say things out loud it makes them seem unreal. When I explained what was going on to my manager I ended up crying, it was upsetting, on top of everything else a leak was the last thing I needed.  I was already fatigued and not feeling like I was going to perform well during my exam. Luckily, my manager understood and let me work the time back the next day. I quickly left work and got a taxi, it was a good job I left when I did as my leak had worsened by the time I got home and I ended up having to get in the shower again.

By the time I got back to work, I was literally on the verge of falling asleep. I had zero energy and I was majorly stressed about how I was going to cope through my exam. Genuinely, I just wanted to go home, get a hot water bottle, curl up in bed and sleep for a week straight. If I could’ve gone home from work sick, I most happily would have in that instance. Unfortunately, as I’m waiting to be moved to a new role, I have to prove to work that I don’t have an absence issue so I can’t afford to take any time off sick. Also, I most probably wouldn’t have made it to my exam and I most certainly didn’t want to miss it.

4pm came and I left work as tired as ever. I had to run a couple of errands in town so I managed to do that before making my way to university. Don’t ask me how but I somehow managed to sit my exam though I don’t think I did my best. As soon as I got home I got straight into bed and fell asleep. I actually cannot wait for the weekend so I can sleep as much as possible with no interruptions!


Love and light,
Guts, Giggles & More x

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