22 things I’ve learnt in 22 years

Another year older!

I turn 22 tomorrow! It’s actually crazy to think how fast the years are going by the older I get. Last year I celebrated pretty well. I had a party in London with all my family; it was amazing. The year of being 21 was a good year for me, I feel like I have made a few achievements such as moving out, getting a new job and launching my own blog (finally).

I’ve not got plans for my birthday this year, my days of going on nights out are long gone. It would be nice to be surprised; however, I think I’m just going to have a quiet, regular day in. There’s nothing wrong with that! I have got a couple of treats lined up for myself, I’m going to get a haircut and my nails done. I personally think that life lessons are an important part of growing up, so here are 22 things I have learned in 22 years!


  • It’s okay to be different
  • It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know
  • Manners cost nothing
  • Knowledge is power
  • Some people aren’t meant to stay in your life and that’s okay
  • Let go of the people who don’t value you
  • Being organised and having a routine is key
  • Life is too short to be worrying, enjoy it
  • You are your first prioritygiphy (1)
  • Choose happiness, always
  • Nobody is perfect
  • You are never too young to do something you enjoy
  • Change is inevitable, embrace it
  • Always look after yourself
  • Being content with your life is super important
  • Hard work always pays
  • Learn something new every day
  • Believe in yourselfgiphy (2)
  • Not everything needs an apology
  • Support those who support you
  • Start saving at an early age
  • Don’t be a negative Nancy


Love and light,
Guts, Giggles & More x


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